Joseph Venning at work.jpg

Joseph Venning is a contemporary painter who specialises in large scale, wall mural commissions for business, schools, domestic and public spaces. Joseph’s paintings often include familiar local landmarks, reconfigured into eye catching, surreal, compositions. Stylistically his work draws from pop art, street art, punk rock, photorealism and contemporary graphic and interior design.

Joseph is currently working with Manchester United and the event 'Bee in the City'. He has painted two giant Bee sculptures that will be on public display at Old Trafford stadium and outside the Innside Manchester Hotel. One features around 50 portraits of Manchester United's legendary players. The other features portraits of luminaries of the Manchester Music scene.

Joseph began his career in the prestigious Chelsea college of art in London. He officially trained as a sculptor and produced multi-media installations in his early career. He later taught himself to paint and now has settled somewhere in the middle as a mural painter.

Joseph’s largest piece to date, unveiled by the Lord Major of Liverpool, is a giant skyline of the city, measuring over 50 feet long. Joseph's work has been bought by members of parliament, hung in the restaurants of Michelin star celebrity chefs, blessed by bishops, shipped to private collections throughout the world and highly praised by 8 year olds on their way to the classroom!